12-Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

Hey Everyone!

I have an exclusive offer for you, with limited spaces available.

Sounds exciting, right?

This fall I will be hosting, along with Dana Clark, our Holistic Nutritionist, a 12-week support group designed to help you meet your healthy lifestyle goals.  We are looking for 10 individuals who are really ready to make a change, who know their goals and want to stick with them, who knows they need accountability as well as knowledge and perspective from a health care practitioner to meet their nutritional needs.

We are limiting this group to 10 participants to create an intimate, supportive vibe that will lead us all to success.

We are constantly seeing our student’s experience lifestyle changes when introducing Jiu-Jitsu, but we all know that movement and proper mindset are only two parts of the health triangle, how we fuel our body is just as important.

Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well.

We are calling it our 12-Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge.  There will be challenges along the way where you can win cash prizes to help keep you motivated.  As well as a cooking class, bi-weekly meetings, ongoing online support  and before and after measurements and photos if that interests you.

Please contact me directly jenn@sudburybjj.com if you are interested.


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