Gracie Game Day – Chapter 3: Respect

We had such a blast at our last Gracie Game Day this past weekend.  By far our biggest group yet!  All the kids worked so hard, collect their points, learned a lot about Health and were all rewarded with two hours of fun and games!  Saturday night was something we like to call ‘organized chaos’!

Gracie Game Day
The ultimate Tug-of-War game!

Gracie Game Day normally runs from 6pm – 8pm but this time we offered something a little different.  We invited the children to stay after the party for a sleepover!  The fun continued, we watched movies, had snacks and had a bit of a late night!  This was Bea’s first sleepover at the academy and she had a blast.  She was in the mix acting like one of the big kids.

Luck us, the kids all slept in!  In the morning we played more games, made a craft then the kids got picked up by their parents by 9am.

Check out our craft!

Gracie Game Day - Next Chapter: Respect
Buster is very popular with the kids so we thought we’d make an edible version

Our next chapter is focusing on Respect.  All of our mat chats for the next two months will focus on this word and we will encourage the kids to practice it at home, collect their points and come to our next Gracie Game Day on June 27th, 2015 at our New Sudbury location.

The next Gracie Game Day falls conveniently just after the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  So we are going to have another sleepover immediately following Gracie Game Day to celebrate!

Get your Gracie Game Day point sheets from your instructors and start collecting.  And remember parents, to save time on the day of Gracie Game Day, please have all bonus points tallied before coming to the event.

If you didn’t receive a copy from the front desk, here is the Respect Worksheet.

See you on the mat!