Sudbury Jiu-Jitsu Tournament

We had an awesome weekend at the Budo Open this Saturday, July 25th at Cambrian College. Our team was small, but mighty!

As you know our number one priority on the mats is self-defense training, the original application of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. But there is a sport side to the art. And some students choose to test their skill set in this arena and of course we 100% support them. How can we not? It is very exciting helping and watching our students prepare and challenge themselves.

The day started off with Kane – the Animal – Chartrand. This kid is just like his dad, Scott. He has this intense drive to get and stay on top of the fight. His first match he faced a kid who had the same drive. It was an intense back and forth exchange and Kane ended up with less points, losing the match. We still say it was the most exciting match of the day! He went on to win his next two matches and places second earning a silver medal. Check out this young warrior on the podium.

kids jiu-jitsu
Check out that smile!

Next up was Cody Therrien.  This wasn’t Cody’s first tournament and you can definitely see the experience and improvement in his Jiu-Jitsu game.  This kid is 14 and already over 6 feet tall!  He competed like a warrior winning his first match and losing his second.  He handled the win and loss the same, like a true gentleman.  With awesome parents like Mike and Jen, there was no doubt he would represent our school with the honour and grace like he did.  We are proud of you Cody!

kids jiu-jitsu
Always smiling!

On to the adults!  Scott Chartrand and Steve Fortin delivered the excitement we were looking for in their matches!  Steve took the gold in the Adult White Belt Medium Heavy Division.  He showed great patience, strength and technique.  And a huge amount of improvement from his last year of competition.  So much he was honoured with an award for Excellence in Competition.  tournament2


Scott Chartrand won Gold in his Gi division



He also won Gold in the absolute division.  These matches were some of the more nerve wracking, exciting matches of the day.  Scott was getting tired competing against these big guys and of course his last match he had to face the biggest guy in the division!  He showed his huge heart and drive and came out with the Win!


Scott got to rest a bit, have some lunch before he competed again in his No-Gi division where he learned a valuable lesson and something to take back and work on at the academy.  After all, you either win or you learn.  I think all of our competitors learned something at this tournament.

Silver Medal in the No-Gi division.
Silver Medal in the No-Gi division.

Steve and I had an amazing time watching these guys compete.  Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.  And a big thanks to all of our amazing students at the academy who helped prepare these competitors for the last couple of months, who kept them safe from injuries and helped create the amazing learning environment that we all flourish in.


See you on the mats!


Summer Class Schedule

Hey Everyone,

Our Summer Schedule is now up and running for July and August. There has been some changes to the Hanmer Location schedule adding more classes during the week and closing on Saturday so everyone can enjoy their weekend! In New Sudbury the only change is our Friday evening classes are cancelled for July and August. Check it out!

Tiny Tigers in Hanmer take note – we have combined the Little Ninja and Tiny Tigers classes for the summer months on Monday from 5 – 5:30 and on Wednesday from 5:30 – 6pm.

Happy Summer!

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