7th Annual Halloween Sleepover Party!!

Hey Everyone!


Halloween is approaching fast and this year it lands on a SATURDAY!   There is tons of buzz about some great parties happening around the city, are you wanting to attend one?  But what to do with the kiddos?

We have the ANSWER!  Send them to us!  This is our 7th year running our Night of the Ninja Halloween Sleepover Party and we are very excited to share it with your little ones.  The party starts at 7pm, perfect timing for them to go out trick or treating then come over to the Academy at 790 Lasalle Blvd in the Montrose Mall for our Costume Party, Haunted House Party Favours, Tons of Games and of course, a Movie!

The next morning we will fill them up with a delicious, nutritious breakfast smoothie and they will be ready to be picked up at 9am!  We also have a party only option.  They can be picked up as late at 11pm!

Sounds too good to be true right?  Well listen to this, we have another idea for you!

Are you not looking forward to having all that Halloween Trick or Treating JUNK around the house?  Who needs the temptation?  Plus, a couple of treats on occasion are ok for kids but do they really need a pillow case full?

May I introduce you to THE SWITCH NINJA!!


Ok, it’s actually Steve, but he is a ninja and he will be switching all of that Halloween Candy out for a SPECIAL PRIZE!!  The kids can keep 5 pieces of their candy, and the rest comes to THE SWITCH NINJA.  In return we will give them………………………they will just have to make the switch to find out!

Sign up for the Party Here

Halloween Party!



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