Happy Holidays!

What a year! This Christmas might look a little different from what we are used to, but one thing is for sure, the people we love have become more important than ever. Pandemic and return to lockdown is going to present unique challenges as well as blessings for us this holiday season, but we are a resilient, creative bunch, and as always, we will overcome. Please remember during this time that those who live alone may pair up with one other household, so let’s do our best to make sure we take care of each other. 😎

We originally announced our return from Christmas break to be January 4th, but we are now looking at January 9th. Please understand that at this point, the best we can offer you is a tentative date for return to class, nor can we tell you with any certainty at this time exactly what that return will look like. We can, however, tell you this: We will absolutely be keeping you up to date via website, Facebook and email as we gain further information.

Please know that we appreciate you all very much, and we thank you for supporting us and each other during this most challenging of years. Stay safe, be creative, have fun! We’ll see you again soon!

~ Much love, from the Sudbury BJJ family

Click on the image below to see the current holiday/lockdown calendar full size – Last updated December 23rd.

Holiday/ Lockdown Schedule, subject to change.

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