January Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

In response to a recent attack in NYC, where a woman was dragged by her ponytail from a public place to an isolated location, the Gracie Academy Certified Training  Centre’s around the world are offering FREE Women’s Self Defence Seminars on Saturday, January 23rd.

Our seminar runs from 3:30 to 5:30 and is open to the general public.  We would like to show you some of our ideas and suggestions about how to use the ponytail grab as an opportunity rather than a threat. As women, we shouldn’t have to change the way we style our hair just to stay safe in public.

Please invite all the special women in your circle.  The concepts and techniques we will introduce you to may one day save a life.

For more information on the attack and the content of our presentation, please check out this video:


For more information on this seminar, please call 705-222-7655 or email jenn@sudburybjj.com

See you on the mats,

Jenn and Steve

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