She Said Yes!!

A Sudbury BJJ First!!

It was a an ordinary day.  A day when people came to our academy to learn self-defense, work out, to see their fellow members and the instructors whom they’ve come to know and love.  We laughed, we learned, we worked hard.  But one member had something a little extra special in mind. You see, there was one member he loved above all else, and when they made the decision to start something new in their lives by joining our jiu-jitsu family, Reg decided he was going to take new beginnings to a whole new level.

So he plotted, planned, prepared.

And while Karina was busy enjoying her Women Empowered class, Reg went upstairs and got busy executing his plan in complete secrecy.  He. Told. No one.

Hidden in a book under a chapter with a most appropriate title, he hid his surprise and then waited to make his move.  When class was over, he was joined by his niece and Karina upstairs, where he presented her the book and asked her the most important question of his life. Stunned and tearful, she accepted and happily shared a loving kiss with him before suddenly remembering where they were and took off running calling behind her, “I have to go tell Hasna!” (Our beloved Women Empowered instructor)

Karina only made it as far as the bottom of the steps before she was spotted, and she blurted out the happy news!  “I JUST GOT ENGAGED!!”  Within seconds the happy couple was swarmed with happy, excited women all cramming to hand out hugs, take a peek at the ring, and make a cacophony of happiness, expressing overwhelming joy at the news.

It is with absolute immense pleasure that we congratulate you on all your happy beginnings together, and we feel incredibly honoured and privileged to have been permitted to be a part of your wonderfully precious moment.  May you enjoy a lifetime of health and happiness together.

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