New Member Help

Congratulations!  You’ve taken that first step and have become a part of our family!  It is at about this point when you get excited about getting your new gi, and it’s not long before you pose that age old question… “How do I tie my belt? ?”  No worries!  You’re not alone!  I have just the right video for you, my friend.  Watch the video below to see Rener Gracie break it down for us step-by-step.  He gives us three options to use, so you get to choose the one that works best for you!  Feel free to use this video as many times as you need!  You might even find that different ways to tie your belt work best in different situations.  It’s all good!  

3 ways to tie your belt.

Now here’s something I bet you never even thought you needed to ask!  “How do I tie my pants?”  I mean… it sounds like a simple enough task, does it not?  And yet… here we are.  There’s a reason why we might be having difficulties with our jiu-jitsu pants.  We expect to tie them the same way we tie our drawstring shorts, or our jogging pants, right?  And why wouldn’t we?  But it turns out, that tying them in the same way as we do our daily clothes can actually cause that mysterious loosening of our pants during class.  Watch the video below as Rener explains how and why that happens, and what to do to fix it.  

How to properly tie your pants.

Has your string fallen out of your pants? Are you a bit confused as to how to put it back in? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this instructional video from Rener, check it out!

How to restring your pants.

Whether you’ve experienced one or more than one of these problems, don’t worry! These are common issues that come up all the time, and as Rener said, sometimes even very experienced jiu-jitsu practitioners have had these same problems! You are not alone. I hope I have helped you learn more about how to use your new jiu-jitsu uniform, and as always, don’t be afraid to ask us if you need further help or have any more questions. After all, we’ve all been beginners, and in many ways, we will always continue to be beginners. Always remember that, and as always, have fun! ;0)

Sudbury Moves to Yellow Protect, and What That Means For Us

The Sudbury district has been moved to code yellow and so our procedures have changed a bit. We now have to pre-book our classes and there is a maximum of 10 people per class. As such, we are adding an online booking feature to our app so that you can secure your place in each of our classes. ​Once logged in, you can go to the schedules area and click to book your classes and save your spot.

Members, please check your emails for detailed information, as well as instructions for downloading the app and how to log in. If you have not received your email, or you have followed the instructions and are having difficulties, please contact us here, or on our Facebook page and we will be happy to help.